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Biometric identity verification technologies in the service of healthcare

To help the healthcare system meet some of the challenges arising from digital transformation, TOC Biometrics offers biometric solutions that can improve patient experience, protect the security of their sensitive information and remote processes. It will showcase them at Expo Hospital 2023.

Publicada: Thursday 7 de September del 2023
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Maria Gracia has just scheduled her time for an endoscopy with her gastroenterologist. From the Patient Portal she has received an e-mail on her cell phone, where she can review the detailed preparation for her exam. Through a biometric facial verification, you will sign all the necessary documents for your admission process, all from the comfort of your home, avoiding paperwork and long waits at the medical center on the day of your procedure. In addition, the medical center will have all of María Gracia’s documentation securely stored in advance, remotely verifying her identity and safeguarding her sensitive information, such as her medical records and personal data. All this is possible thanks to the development of biometric technology, which reduces time and shortens distances to a click, while providing better levels of security and certainty, avoiding slow and cumbersome procedures. Something that a person undergoing a healthcare procedure is likely to value. Improving the patient experience, protecting sensitive information and making more efficient the processes that today, through technology, can be carried out anytime and anywhere, is precisely one of the objectives of TOC Biometrics, a leading company in the region in biometric identity verification, which has developed a complete suite of biometric solutions with applications for the healthcare sector. Acquired by Sovos in 2023, TOC Biometrics specializes in the development of innovative digital identity verification technologies for various industries. For healthcare, they facilitate the process of signing contracts and medical consents of patients before arriving at the medical facility, thus avoiding long waits in clinics and hospitals; 100% digital signature of electronic medical documents such as licenses, prescriptions and medical orders; verification of patients to enter consultations; taking and reviewing tests, web scheduling, telemedicine and review by the doctor of patient documents, to the use of benefits and discounts in pharmacies. Francisca Schaub, Senior Corporate Account Manager at TOC, states that “by offering state-of-the-art solutions such as facial biometrics, which reduces the risk of identity theft, for example, we contribute to improving security in remote verification and signature processes, provide patients and doctors with a better user experience and enable healthcare entities to save resources and time”. To show how it can contribute to making various processes in the healthcare chain more secure and efficient, TOC Biometrics will be exhibiting its wide range of solutions at the 2023 edition of Expo Salud, an event specialized in the healthcare area, to be held in Santiago between September 12 and 14.

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