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Development of AI and personalized medicine, Public Policies, Digital Transformation, and Technology and innovation will be key topics at the Expo Salud 2023 congress

-The XI version of the EISACH congress, to be held between September 12 and 14, 2023, will have a full and interesting program of activities.

Publicada: Thursday 17 de August del 2023
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-The XI version of the EISACH congress, to be held between September 12 and 14, 2023, will have a full and interesting program of activities. -The meeting for the healthcare sector, which will be held in Metropolitan Santiago, will present the latest advances, trends and solutions for the challenges of the sector. Expo Salud 2023 will hold a new version of its EISACH (Encuentro Internacional de Salud en Chile) congress between Tuesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 14, 2023, a meeting point where national and international health professionals will discuss the latest trends in health issues, in a space for conversation and debate where the most relevant issues of current relevance will be presented. In this version, the international congress will present a different theme each day, presenting three pillars of discussion that will cover the latest trends and challenges that the industry presents today. The topics will be: -Public Policies (Tuesday, September 12): composed of three discussion panels entitled: “Health reform, where are we?”; “Modernization of the provider state”; and “The power of public-private collaboration, academia and society”. Each of the panels will analyze the advances in national public policies, access to health, efficiency in the use of resources and the effectiveness of current health activities, analyzing the fulfillment of the health needs of the population. The first seminar “Health reform, where are we?” will be moderated by Carolina Velasco, Director of Studies, IPSUSS; and panelists Jaime Mañalich, former Minister of Health; May Chomali, Executive Director CENS; and Camilo Cid, National Director of the National Health Fund (FONASA), who will give a complete analysis of the central guidelines of the proposal, and the announcement of the Government’s fiscal pact, which would mean improvements in health and a reduction in hospital waiting lists. -Health of the Future (Wednesday, September 13): With four panels, the congress will analyze the path that health is following and the advances and developments in current medicine, both nationally and internationally. The following panels will be held: “Health of the future, where are we going?”; “Bringing health closer to people: experiences and challenges”; “Does the user experience matter?” and “The role of management for excellent results”. The panels will focus on analyzing advances in healthcare and the conflicts that present barriers in terms of development. The aim is to address, from a global perspective, the trends, challenges and solutions that exist today and that will have an impact on the future of healthcare. The seventh panel “The role of Management for results of excellence” will include the participation of representatives of the main clinics in the country, where the management and guidance of operations in health will be addressed, seeking to provide tools that contribute to achieving the objectives and goals set by each institution. In addition, the following will be delivered -Digital Health (Thursday, September 14): Consisting of four discussion panels, it will address the axes presented by digital health, transformation of health systems whose objective is to improve access and effective coverage, delivering efficient, effective and quality services that improve the quality of life of the population. Through its panels “Development of AI and Personalized Medicine”; “Innovation for Digital Transformation”; “Technology for promotion and prevention”; and “Do we have the capabilities to face the future”, which will highlight the current tools that are being installed in medicine and that mean a significant advance in patient care and support for health professionals, where telemedicine, self-checking booths, surgical robots, and artificial intelligence, among others, stand out. The EISACH congress of Expo Salud expects to contribute to rethink questions, complexities and give answers to the new challenges that Chile and the world present, contributing to a debate and analysis of the different problems that the sector is experiencing. FAIR SPACE The exhibition will cover an area of 2,000 square meters, where more than 100 national and foreign exhibitors will be present. It is also expected that more than 4,500 professionals from the sector will visit the exhibition and congress, including public and private authorities, directors of clinics and health centers, area managers and decision-makers from the supply, IT and medical equipment sectors, as well as professionals in the area such as nurses, medical technologists, biomedical and pharmaceutical chemists, among others. This year, the healthcare meeting will have a special area dedicated to SMEs and Startups called “Lets Grow in Health”.

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