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Expo Salud 2023: The healthcare industry will meet in Santiago de Chile between September 12 and 14

-The meeting for the healthcare sector, to be held at Metropolitan Santiago, will present the latest advances, trends and solutions for the sector’s challenges.

Publicada: Wednesday 12 de July del 2023
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-The meeting for the healthcare sector, to be held at Metropolitan Santiago, will present the latest advances, trends and solutions for the sector’s challenges. The international healthcare exhibition and congress, Expo Salud 2023, returns between September 12 and 14 this year at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center, a space for the entire healthcare ecosystem where public and private institutions will present new technologies, solutions, products and services aimed at providing people’s wellbeing. In its 11th version, the meeting will bring together the national and international health industry, being the ideal space for commercial exchange, the analysis of the advances and challenges that today are presented in medicine at a global level, and to examine the latest trends in the sector, opening new business opportunities. The exhibition will be spread over two thousand square meters, a space where more than 100 national and foreign exhibitors will gather. It is also expected that more than 4,500 professionals from the sector will visit the exhibition and congress, including public and private authorities, directors of clinics and health centers, area managers and decision makers from the supply, IT and medical equipment sectors, professionals in the area such as nurses, medical technologists, biomedical and pharmaceutical chemists, among others. Expo Salud 2023 has 5 strategic pillars that support the exhibition, congress and business areas: Medical Technologies and Innovations: considers clinical and emergency equipment, ambulances and rescue and patient transfer units, nursing and monitoring, home health care and transitional care, imaging, emergency medicine, laboratories, diagnosis and clinical analysis, ambulatory care centers and critical units, diagnostic technologies, cancer treatment and prevention, biosecurity, among others. Digital Health: Will present the latest in telemedicine and health information technologies, introducing artificial intelligence, massive data analysis, interoperability, virtual reality, augmented reality, APPS, precision or personalized medicine, robotics, RIS-PACS systems, and work platforms, among others. Health Infrastructure and Architecture: It will feature the presentation of everything related to equipment and construction, including kitchens, laundry, hotels, energy, air conditioning, furniture, decoration, parking, catering, vending machines, faucets, flooring, paints, lighting, modular hospitals, architecture and construction companies, special materials, among others. Orthopedics and Rehabilitation: Will exhibit aesthetic medicine, sports medicine, bandages, post-surgical girdles, muscle recovery equipment, implants, osteosynthesis elements, traumatology, insoles, immobilizers, slings, massage guns, fixations, among others. Laboratory and Pharmacy: In view of the growth of the pharmaceutical industry, Expo Salud will provide space for laboratory supplies and equipment in general, accessories for the process chain, diagnosis and clinical analysis, treatment of diseases, hospital pharmacy, innovations for the pharmaceutical and esthetic industry, among others. EISACH Congress Expo Salud will once again feature the EISACH Congress (International Health Meeting in Chile), where national and international experts will address the latest trends in health issues, in a space for conversation and debate where the most relevant issues of current relevance will be presented. In this version a different theme was assigned to each day, which are “Public Policy”, “Health of the Future” and “Digital Health”. Each day will be composed of different panels where participants will present issues, discussions and debates on different topics, among them: Public Policy (Tuesday 12, September). Panel 1: Health reform, where are we? Panel 2: Modernization of the provider state. Panel 3: The power of public-private collaboration, academia and society. Health of the Future (Wednesday, September 13) Panel 4: Health of the future, where are we going? Panel 5: Bringing health closer to the people: Experiences and challenges. Panel 6: Does user experience matter? Panel 7: The role of management for excellent results. Digital Health (Thursday, September 14) Panel 8: Development of AI and personalized medicine. Panel 9: Innovation for digital transformation. Panel 10: Technology for promotion and prevention. Panel 11: Do we have the capabilities to face the future?

Expo Salud 2023: the main healthcare industry meeting will be held in September
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