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Expo Salud 2023: EISACH Congress presents its daily program

El comité ejecutivo de Expo Hospital 2023 conformado por distintos actores público-privado del área de la salud definió las temáticas que serán abordadas en la XII versión del Congreso EISACH – Encuentro Internacional de Salud en Chile – actividad que se llevará de forma paralela a la exhibición y que se desarrollará entre el 12 y 14 de septiembre en el Centro de Convenciones Metropolitan Santiago.

Publicada: Tuesday 23 de May del 2023
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Expo Salud 2023 will hold, in September, a new version of the EISACH Congress, which, as in all its versions, will be a meeting point where healthcare professionals, both national and international, will discuss various topics of value to the sector. For this occasion, EISACH will have pillars of discussion that are divided into 3 days, these being “Public Policy”, “Health of the Future” and “Digital Health”. These thematic axes defined by the committee aim to cover all the latest trends and challenges facing the industry today. The first day, Tuesday, September 12, after the inauguration, will be dedicated to “Public Policies”. This day will be made up of 3 discussion panels entitled: “Health reform, where are we?”; “Modernization of the state as a provider”; and “The power of public-private collaboration, academia and society”. Each of the previously mentioned panels will be made up of senior public-private executives who, in a 1-hour discussion, will address, among other things, the latest updates and challenges that arise at the public level in the sector. On Wednesday 13, a day focused on the “Health of the Future”, topics related not only to user experience or challenges of the future will be presented and discussed, but also on the path that health is following in this area, not only in Chile, but also in the rest of the world. This second day will be made up of four discussion blocks which will be divided into am and pm sessions. During the morning, the panels “Health of the future, where are we going?” and “Bringing health closer to the people: experiences and challenges” will be held. In the afternoon, the panels “Does the user experience matter?” and “The role of management for excellent results” will continue. The aim is to address, from a global perspective, the trends and challenges facing the future of healthcare. On Thursday, September 14, a day focused on “Digital Health”, there will be four panel discussions that will address issues related to innovation, technology and digital health. The topics proposed for this day will be “Development of AI and personalized medicine”; “Innovation for digital transformation”; technology for promotion and prevention”; and “Do we have the capabilities to face the future?”. Rodrigo Valenzuela, Manager of ExpoHospital, highlights not only this event as the only commercial meeting that exists in Chile for the sector, but also the relevance of holding EISACH, “this congress is designed to encourage the exchange of knowledge, promote debate and share the latest advances in the field of healthcare”. In the same vein, Valenzuela adds that “the topics that we will address in September are the result of collaborative and joint work between different actors in the health ecosystem in Chile, so that each of these blocks are designed to have a space for discussion and thus put on the table issues that will mark the future of the sector in the short-medium term. Therefore, we invite all those involved in the health sector to participate this year in this new version of ExpoHospital”.

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