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GoSleep to present its powernap cabins at Expo Salud 2023

At GoSleep we are very happy to be part of Expo Hospital 2023, which will be attended by thousands of health professionals from Chile and the world, being a great opportunity to continue to publicize our approach and the technological solutions we offer in any space where fast and effective recovery is required.

Publicada: Thursday 31 de August del 2023
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GoSleep is a world pioneer in the manufacture of powernap cabins. Creating the world’s first Nordic sleep cabin was just the beginning for us. We continue to explore partnerships and develop our own cutting-edge technologies to optimize recovery and prepare for the future of the industry we have pioneered. We are a multinational company with Finnish origins; we are present globally in companies, sports clubs, offices, coworks, hospitals, clinics, health centers, recovery centers, among others… At GoSleep we are constantly trying to improve the way we work, and technology plays a key role in this change. Now we are leading the change towards the future of physical and mental recovery immediately, with the 2023 version of GoSleep Neuroenergy, developed for the first time in Finland in cooperation with healthcare specialists, patented, certified, safe and with the innovative design and adaptability to any environment that characterizes us. The Neuroenergy has intelligent functions that are controlled through the Neuroenergy app: relaxation, power nap, wake-up and recovery. A touch screen allows you to control the application, it has bluetooth connection to connect your mobile device and customize your own settings according to your needs, plus an integrated dual USB port allows you to recharge your mobile devices. Several studies show that a single treatment on the GoSleep Neuroenergy has a positive effect on the activation of the recovery nervous system, as well as on recovery from physical exercise. If you have problems with your metabolism, your blood circulation is poor or you want to recover faster, you can adjust the power to a higher level. The relaxation treatment is suitable for all ages and is safe to use. The use of pacemakers, pain stimulators and artificial metal joints do not prevent the safe use of GoSleep Neuroenergy. Our family of products is made from durable, renewable and recyclable materials, our cabins are designed to have a long service life. With a total focus on research and development, and a firm commitment to practice what we preach, we remain determined to find the keys to a stress-free life, all in a sustainable way. Experience firsthand the effect of being inside a cabin with neurosonic technology. Visit us at booth 224, we look forward to seeing you!!!!

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