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GTD will promote technological initiatives at Expo Salud to improve the public and private healthcare ecosystem

In the context of the Digital Health strategy promoted by […]

Publicada: Thursday 25 de August del 2022
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In the context of the Digital Health strategy promoted by the World Health Organization and the national Digital Health agenda itself announced at the beginning of 2019, GTD group, an important Chilean company with extensive experience in Telecommunications and Technology Services, is available to support the various initiatives of new technologies in the public or private health ecosystem. “GTD is a relevant actor in the Chilean reality, as we are proud to say that we have grown along with the development of telecommunications in the country, a critical platform for the growth of digital health in the country,” said Paola Madrid, Director of Software and Apps at GTD. It is well known that today companies in the health sector, pharmaceutical companies and hospital systems are working to offer better experiences to people, which lead to better health outcomes, using digital technologies, an example of this inclusion of services are mobile devices and predictive models, among others. The pandemic that began in 2020 and continues today, undoubtedly accelerated the digital health agenda, appearing several initiatives to have available telemedicine services and personalized health access, which sought to strengthen these points of contact with people, becoming a key aspect to keep medical services available to those who could not or would not want to attend a medical center, bringing medical care closer to the people. GTD is a strategic and relevant actor to bring these medical services closer to people, because we have excellent interconnection platforms, connectivity and national and regional technological infrastructure, being the great base that allows us to add specialized health solutions, always focusing on the “Patient at the Center”. An example of this is the improvement in the experience of patients in care, where it is possible to generate a plan that allows working self-management from the patients’ homes, facilitating virtual or physical access, managing self-payments, activating care related to the Patient’s Life Sheet, in short, working to improve people’s experiences, in a world where “patients take an active role” and are more autonomous in the care of their health. The “technology” pillar is part of how we work on the challenges with our clients, culture of change, value chain and data governance, which are an essential part of our strategy. The challenge in healthcare is undoubtedly to have a roadmap that allows us to grow, integrating and converging systems with the common goal of avoiding adding to the inventory phantom solutions or “Shadow” solutions that do not always have the expected impact and usefulness, to have agility in services to patients and, of course, to ensure equal access to all. GTD has today the best scenario for our customers, because having services in the pillars of connectivity – infrastructure, Cloud, data security, business management, business intelligence, specialized health and management systems with professionals articulated by a transversal health strategy, hand in hand with the digital transformation strategy in the field, allows us to support the development of closer, efficient, simple services that seek the welfare of people and optimize the management of our customers in their businesses.

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