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Introduction to IrisLAB Software: International Excellence in Clinical Laboratory Management

In the exciting world of digitalization in the healthcare field, IrisLAB emerges as a cutting-edge solution. Our software embodies the highest international quality standards and is positioned as an essential tool for the efficient computerization of Clinical Laboratories and Medical Centers.

Publicada: Wednesday 30 de August del 2023
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IrisLAB is a process management software for the Clinical Laboratory and its related areas. Thanks to its ability to incorporate large amounts of highly specialized information flows, it comprehensively covers all aspects related to the operations of a modern clinical laboratory, guaranteeing an integral and precise execution that incorporates technical control and administration. Globally, laboratory analysis is performed in three essential stages, covering the “Pre-Analytical” phase, the “Analytical” phase where the sample is analyzed and validated, and finally the “Post-Analytical” phase with the delivery of the results of the medical examination. In this context, IrisLAB facilitates each phase in an integrated and highly efficient manner, including data validation and auditing to ensure the quality of your results.

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