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Medical Agency: The company that aims to solve the doctor’s problems, not the patient’s

With more than 150 clients throughout the country and with operations in Mexico, the company seeks to increase its presence in Chile mainly with its innovative solutions.

Publicada: Friday 7 de July del 2023
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With more than 150 clients throughout the country and with operations in Mexico, the company seeks to increase its presence in Chile mainly with its innovative solutions. With more than 10 years of experience in the medical field, Mario Parra, founding partner and general manager of Agencia Médica, indicates that most of the technological ventures in the healthcare field (healthtech) are focused on providing solutions to patients, mainly in facilitating access; but very few focus on doctors, the main players in the entire industry. “I have seen firsthand how companies have developed and grown rapidly with technological solutions that aim to solve a problem for the patient and I think that this is very important and that we should continue on this path, but we focus on the doctor and the healthcare center; there are many problems that can be improved with technology, but also with advice and education, so that a medical business can grow in a sustained manner over time,” he points out.Agencia Médica starts hand in hand with MarketingMed, the first marketing agency specialized in healthcare in the country in 2015, a company that grows rapidly and allows the partners (Andrés Arrate and Mario Parra) to know in greater depth the common problems that doctors drag since they start their commercial activity, as well as small and medium-sized medical centers. “One of the main problems we detected when working with different specialists, is that the agenda of these professionals normally had a good flow, but the “quality of the patient” was the problem, that is, we saw traumatologists with a full agenda of patients with lumbago and what they were looking for were more “broken menisci”, points out Mario Parra. They have also witnessed the commercial and financial problems that many small and medium-sized medical centers have due to a lack of knowledge in administration and commercial management, issues that often lead to over-indebtedness of the doctor (usually the owner of the center) or simply to the bankruptcy of the business. As a result of this experience, the partners began to investigate different solutions that led them to add new strategic partners, experts in different areas of high interest for a doctor; this is how Contasalud was born, a company dedicated exclusively to provide tax and accounting advice to medical specialists; Paymed, a computer system that allows the doctor to know the payments owed as a result of his surgical activity; CxSmart, a technological development that allows to prospect surgeries and thus improve the “quality of the agenda”; Medapp, a scheduling system and clinical record that unlike those that exist in the market, allows to have a traceability from Google campaigns to the actual care of the patient. In addition to all of the above, Medical Press, a digital media that only deals with news from the commercial field of health, understanding the impact that public policies and the movement of the big players in the industry could have on the commercial activity of a doctor. Medical PR, a public relations company oriented to link medical brands with media and manage specialty events, is also part of the group of companies of Agencia Médica and recently incorporated a legal activity service, Legal-Med, whose focus is to provide a first response to legal doubts when a doctor is exposed, either by a lawsuit or by labor issues with his employer. In this way, Agencia Médica presents itself as a group of companies oriented to provide commercial and technological solutions to physicians and does not rule out in the short term to add a company of supplies and an area of benefits of high value for the professional.

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