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Switch Communications at Expo Salud 2023

Switch Comunicaciones es una empresa chilena fundada en 1988 con un excelente equipo humano de expertos en integración de sistemas y redes de telecomunicaciones.

Publicada: Monday 7 de August del 2023
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Since 2022, Switch represents in Chile the company Caretronic, a leading European company in nurse call solutions with wireless IP technology. These solutions allow you to modernize your nurse call system with great savings in cabling and installation and add extra capabilities, such as staff presence control, alerts, access to patient clinical data, etc., thanks to the use of IP technology. Switch has the R&D capabilities and vast experience in the development of solutions and applications that integrate different technologies in customers, achieving significant changes and savings in their processes, to improve efficiency. Switch is a flexible company, with the capacity to deliver customized solutions and/or services for your company, adapting to your particular requirements. Its main lines of business in the medical area include: -Patient traceability systems for the efficient use of surgical wards. -Nurse call systems -RFID technology applications for control and traceability of valuable medical components and instruments, personnel and patient tracking, etc.

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