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TotalPack Group of Companies: identification, innovation and modernization in the healthcare field

TotalPack Group of Companies, with more than 30 years of experience offering innovative technological solutions, will once again be present at Expo Hospital, the largest congress on innovation and healthcare trends.

Publicada: Wednesday 30 de August del 2023
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On this occasion, TotalPack will show how it has transformed and modernized the patient journey in healthcare centers throughout the country thanks to its solutions in voucher self-payment, queue manager and digital signage. In addition, they will have the opportunity to meet the expert team behind the products, who for years have been delivering quality care to every customer. They have been pioneers in understanding, modernizing, streamlining and adapting the patient’s journey, implementing the necessary technology in each case. For its part, Itecsa will be demonstrating why it is a leader in identification solutions in Latin America. For the health area it will present different equipment, on the one hand, for credentials, which are necessary for health personnel, and on the other hand, to identify patients through bracelets and label medical samples. T-Salud will be present at the event showing the innovative T-Consultation module, where telepresence medicine is highlighted by combining the best elements of traditional medicine, measuring vital signs in real time, with the benefits and convenience of remote care. More than a simple video call, T-Salud is born with the purpose of contributing to fair trade and contributing concretely to the different communities, it seeks to reduce waiting lists and improve access to quality medical care, without distance being a limiting factor. This September 12, 13 and 14, TotalPack Group of Companies will be present with all the technological solutions that have made them leaders in innovation in the health area.

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