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Undersecretary of Healthcare Networks at the inauguration of Expo Salud: “The exhibition allows us to see technological advances and how they can be incorporated into our system”

For three days the latest in innovation and technology in the sector will be exhibited, giving space to digital transformation, artificial intelligence, digital X-rays, fetal monitors; wireless monitor that provides CPR feedback; among others.

Publicada: Tuesday 12 de September del 2023
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-For three days the latest in innovation and technology in the sector will be exhibited, giving space to digital transformation, artificial intelligence, digital X-rays, fetal monitors; wireless monitor that provides CPR feedback; among others. -The Undersecretary of Health Care Networks, Osvaldo Salgado, highlighted the international congress that “presents a space for reflection on possible future policies that would help to better solve people’s health”. Santiago, Tuesday, September 12, 2023 – The most important international exhibition and congress of the health sector in Chile, Expo Salud, which will be held until Thursday, September 14 at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center, was inaugurated today. The meeting organized by FISA, of the GL events Group, brings together the entire industry to respond to the main challenges of the industry, presenting a commercial and strategic exhibition area of 4,000 square meters, with more than 320 national and international brands, which will be exhibited to highlight the advances in specialized products, aimed at providing wellness to people. For three days, Expo Salud welcomes more than 5,000 professionals and executives from the private, academic and public sectors, who will analyze the main solutions to face today’s medical problems, giving way to the development of health at national and international level. “Expo Salud is a very important and interesting meeting, which allows us to see the technological advances to see how they can be incorporated into our system. But also because it presents a space for reflection on possible future policies that would help to better resolve people’s health,” said Osvaldo Salgado, Undersecretary of Health Care Networks. The meeting will enable professionals and teams responsible for the areas of management, supply, logistics, attention and patient care from the public and private sectors to strengthen the medical system by obtaining new knowledge and answers to various conflicts that hinder the development of the field. It will also present the latest in innovation and technological advances. “Technology has a gigantic potential that is almost difficult to imagine. Therefore, a space like this allows us to learn about developments and technology updates. Undoubtedly, it will increasingly improve people’s health and the Ministry of Health does not want to be oblivious to this. As it has done up to now, it has always supported the development of this initiative which, to the extent that it is broader, involves more countries, more people and a larger public, will undoubtedly be more beneficial for everyone,” said Salgado. The executive director of FISA and GL events Chile, Francisco Sotomayor, emphasized that “we are happy to start a fair with such high level representatives from various public and private institutions, who will show the advances for the future, both in the exhibition and in the 11 panels in which knowledge will be exchanged within the framework of the EISACH congress, with the participation of leading national and international experts”. This year, this new version has five fundamental pillars: Medical Technology and Innovations; Digital Health; Infrastructure and Architecture in Health; Orthopedics and Rehabilitation. All strategic areas of interest for the industry, available to learn about innovative products and services, providing new tools that will strengthen the relationship between companies that will energize the sector. In this regard, the executive director of Fisa, Francisco Sotomayor, emphasized that the development of this exhibition “seeks to contribute to the reactivation of the economy and the development of the country. In addition to generating business, it creates opportunities for the creation of direct and indirect jobs that are produced around the fair”. INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS Expo Salud also holds in parallel its International Congress where the main questions, complexities and solutions of the health ecosystem are analyzed, opening a debate and analysis of various problems that the sector is experiencing. The meeting includes a program that addresses the main topics of interest for the development of the sector, among them, Health Reform; Modernization of the State as a Provider; the Power of Public-Private Collaboration, Academia and Society; Health of the Future, Development of AI and Personalized Medicine; Innovation for Transformation; among others, facilitating the transfer of information in an industry in constant movement. Today, after the opening ceremony, the first day “Public Policies” began, where the advances in health projects and reforms, the efficiency in the use of resources and the effectiveness of current health activities were analyzed, analyzing the fulfillment of the health needs of the population, among other topics. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the congress will continue with the theme Health of the Future, which will have four panels, where the path that health is following and the advances and progress made in current medicine, both nationally and internationally, will be analyzed. Finally, Thursday will be the day of Digital Health, which will address the axes presented by virtual health and the transformation of health systems, whose objective is to improve access and effective coverage, delivering efficient, effective and quality services that improve the quality of life of the population. NEWS Expo Salud’s exhibition space featured several market advances, such as Medical Market’s SonoScape ultrasound scanners, equipped with artificial intelligence; World Point’s infant mannequins with realistic limb movements; and Marsol’s biodigesters, which allow efficient and non-polluting management of kitchen waste, transforming up to 1,000 wastes per day into organic matter, among others. This year, the event included an extension to its exhibition space called “Let’s Grow by Expo Salud”, a place especially dedicated to SMEs and start-ups, which are vital for providing innovations in medical care and products that will offer a more personalized and patient-centered approach, seeking to contribute to the well-being of the population. Among the most outstanding start-ups are Situ, a platform that delivers all kinds of solutions and services to the elderly; Búho, the first platform that optimizes the purchase and dispatch of medicines, analyzing the most economical prices; and HUM, the only company that delivers a line of furniture on humanized vertical childbirth, in addition to articles such as tactile breast for education and newborn dolls with placenta, among others. In addition, the exhibition has an agora where participating companies as exhibitors, sponsors and sponsors can make product presentations, technical talks, launches, among others. PRESS CONTACT: Cristián Larraín [email protected] +569 5208 7993 TRADE FAIR TECHNICAL DATA SHEET: Days and times: The event will be held between Tuesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 14, 2023, from 09:00 hrs. to 18:00 hrs. -Location: Metropolitan Santiago, address San Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer 5600, Vitacura. REGISTRATION: To be part of Expo Salud 2023, register at the following link:

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