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WorldPoint will be at ExpoSalud 2024

WorldPoint is the leading distributor of CPR and medical training equipment for healthcare professionals. With more than 25 years of experience, we partner with nursing schools, universities, technical schools, hospitals and training centers, providing the products and support they need to meet – and exceed – their training goals.

Publicada: Wednesday 14 de February del 2024
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At WorldPoint, we have everything you need for training. From curriculum materials and courses from the American Heart Association (AHA), NAEMT®, AAP, AAOS, and more, to CPR and AED training products, skills trainers and simulation, we have the best-selling products in stock and ready to ship worldwide! Our staff are experts in providing support to medical training professionals, with a commitment to helping them achieve their training goals. In addition to providing the materials and supplies they need, we are committed to sharing up-to-date information, news and other important industry sources. We know that combining high quality equipment and fair prices with our unmatched customer service impacts our customers and will help save more lives. We recognize the need for diversity, representation and realism in medical and CPR training – it’s how we guarantee improved outcomes. Inspired by our customers and their dedication to saving more lives, we are expanding our reach with our own line of innovative and representative CPR training products. WorldPoint Products® combines vision, passion and innovation, providing a modern and representative training solution for everyone. Taylor® CPR is the first 3-in-1 CPR manikin – male, female and child! A female chest skin is included with each Taylor® CPR, wireless monitor that provides CPR feedback and practice report. Baby Tyler® is an infant manikin with fully realistic moving limbs, wireless monitor providing CPR feedback and practice report. We want to set a new industry standard and improve outcomes for all patients! We are WorldPoint, and we are at the heart of your training.

Development of AI and personalized medicine, Public Policies, Digital Transformation, and Technology and innovation will be key topics at the Expo Salud 2023 congress
“Expo Salud is a meeting place for all those involved in the healthcare ecosystem”
Minister of Health for Expo Salud 2023: “It offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and solutions in the field of healthcare”
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