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Expo Salud 2022, the largest meeting and offer of the healthcare industry, ends on a positive note

The fair was well attended by the healthcare world and generated great opportunities for new business.

Publicada: Friday 9 de September del 2022
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The fair was well attended by the healthcare world and generated great opportunities for new business. The manager of Expo Salud, Rodrigo Valenzuela, announced that the next version will be held in September 2023. Santiago, 09.09.2022. Expo Salud 2022, a space designed for commercial exchange, the introduction of new technologies, and the debate on the advances and challenges that today are presented in medicine at a global level, ended with a positive balance. In its 10th version, the fair offered a commercial and strategic exhibition space with the latest trends and technological solutions in the industry for professionals and executives from the private, academic and public healthcare world. The manager of Expo Salud, Rodrigo Valenzuela, noted that “we had a successful version of Expo Salud 2022, with great enthusiasm from national and international players and exhibitors who presented surprising innovations for the healthcare sector”. On the occasion, Valenzuela added that “during the 3 days of the fair, more than 350 brands from 7 countries were exhibited, with visitors from Chile and various countries around the world, generating great business opportunities”. In the exhibition space, the diversity of technology and medical innovations stood out, presenting specialized products and services. Among them, chemical and nanotechnology research, antibacterial infrastructure, medical sensors for remote monitoring in real time, artificial intelligence tools, digital x-ray equipment, fetal monitors, rescue and emergency equipment, responding to the main problems of the health sector today. Likewise, and in the face of automation and remote health search, within the hospital offer, advances in telemedicine and digital health were found. EISACH CONGRESS The 11th version of the International Health Meeting in Chile (EISACH), which was held in parallel, analyzed the healthcare ecosystem, its complexities and new challenges, in a debate and analysis of the different problems facing the sector. In this instance, Chilean and international experts addressed the latest trends in medical issues, in a space for conversation and debate where updated issues for the world of health were presented, including digital health, which has been fundamental in the face of the difficulties caused by the pandemic. “With the aim of strengthening and transforming the integration and management of remote medicine, we analyzed and discussed digital transformation in medicine, which is a reality in our environment. In the instance the best alternatives for the current scenario were presented, seeking to meet the present and future needs of people, and what would be the most appropriate strategies to meet those needs in the coming years, “said Valenzuela. Likewise, among the panels, he highlighted the importance of having new hospital infrastructures, reviewing the new challenges, needs and policies for healthcare establishments at a national level, considering the perspective of the different actors involved in the industry. “While, since March 2020, healthcare facilities prioritized the containment of Covid-19, the rest of the ailments and accidents did not cease, so the services continued to work tirelessly. On this occasion, various proposals and opportunities for improvement in innovation for healthcare institutions were considered, taking into account technology that would help medical personnel to facilitate patient care and provide better service to people”, added the manager of Expo Salud. Expo Salud 2023 In view of Chile’s role in the healthcare industry, the event managed to promote development through technology and innovations that are ideal for implementation in the field, providing tools for progress in the country, and contributed to the relationship between companies, generating business opportunities and boosting the creation of direct and indirect jobs that are produced around the fair. In this context, and in view of the importance of the meeting at regional and national level, Rodrigo Valenzuela announced the new version of the fair. “Today, at the culmination of the most important exhibition and congress of health in the country, which presented an important call, we announce the future version of Expo Salud to be held again in Metropolitan Santiago, in September 2023. You are all cordially invited to participate”.

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