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Marsol presents high-tech and efficient equipment for healthcare facilities

Improving food preparation times and optimizing the use of resources and supplies are part of the advantages offered by these devices.

Publicada: Monday 24 de July del 2023
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-Improving food preparation times and optimizing the use of resources and supplies are part of the advantages offered by these devices. -In addition to these, there is the laundry line, with machines that use less water and are more environmentally friendly. With more than 70 years of experience in the gastronomic industry, Marsol is present in different areas of an increasingly demanding industry in terms of efficiency, but without neglecting the excellence and quality of the final product. In this line, “at ExpoHospital we offer health facilities throughout the country our high efficiency equipment in kitchens, which allows 10 times faster preparations; use 40% less water, 90% less oil and halve the use of energy, which leads to significant savings in operating costs,” explains Sebastian Fell, General Manager of Marsol. In addition to this equipment, there are biodigesters, which allow the efficient and non-polluting management of kitchen waste, transforming up to one thousand wastes per day into organic matter. “We will also present our Laundry line, with industrial washers and dryers designed especially for the high demand for washing linen and uniforms in the health sector. All our equipment allows these processes to be carried out in a faster, more efficient and sustainable way, since they use only water,” adds the executive. The Project Development area will also be present. In this segment Marsol provides comprehensive advice to install a kitchen or laundry in a given space, indicating the best furniture and equipment that meets the needs and adapting to the specific requirements of each client. Sebastián Fell also says that “for Marsol, our clients are at the center and we accompany them at all times in a comprehensive manner. In this way we ensure the operational continuity of their equipment and business, providing them with a high quality service and, above all, a close service”.

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