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Mediplex will be in Expo Salud 2023

Experience, Values and Professionalism.

Publicada: Wednesday 2 de August del 2023
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Mediplex, a company founded in 1964 by anesthesiologist Raúl Mena Jeria, manufactured respiratory and anesthesia products. It soon became a distributor of well-known brands of medical devices, making available the latest technology for the treatment of its patients. In 1967, it partnered with the Bird brand to distribute the Mark 7 mechanical ventilator. In the 1980s, it was one of the first to market pulse oximeters, a revolutionary way to monitor patients non-invasively. In 2013, together with Fisher & Paykel, it promoted the High Flow Nasal Cannula, a revolutionary therapy that had great relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic, placing Mediplex as one of the greatest allies of our healthcare system. Our equipment lines consider companies with the highest manufacturing and certification standards to be marketed in the most demanding markets. Currently Mediplex represents leading brands such as Fisher & Paykel, Vyaire Medical, Flight Medical, Mizuho, Mediana, Gentherm, VBM, TSE Medical, Amiko, Sysmed and Flaem Nuova, among others, providing a complete solution to the needs of Health Institutions. Our service offers health professionals, as Product Specialists, supporting the use with experience and finished knowledge of the equipment, educating and solving the doubts that the clinician may have. We have a Technical Service, responsible for supporting the correct maintenance of the equipment. Mediplex continues to explore new technological advances to make available to the health system the most complete and best offer of medical equipment, backed by more than 50 years of experience, maintaining the values that identify it and that have built the confidence that customers have in it since its inception, and that direct it towards its ultimate goal, which is to contribute to the welfare of patients.

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