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Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) at Expo Salud 2023

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) is a leading export and investment advisor, operating in dozens of markets around the world. As a first point of contact it is an intermediary for entrepreneurs in domestic and foreign markets. PAIH is a modern institution belonging to the Polish Development Fund Group (PFR).

Publicada: Monday 28 de August del 2023
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PAIH’s mission is to increase the inflow of foreign direct investments to Poland, as well as to support the internationalization of Polish companies. We operate both in Poland and through our Foreign Trade Offices (ZBH) abroad. We are committed to promoting Poland and the Polish economy. Our goal is to enhance the awareness of Polish brands in international markets. We promote domestic products and services, as well as Polish information technology innovation. We offer comprehensive services for entrepreneurs, bringing together industry knowledge and international experience. We assist entrepreneurs in selecting an optimal path of expansion abroad, managing administrative procedures for specific projects and developing legal solutions, finding a favorable location as well as reliable partners and suppliers. The Santiago Foreign Trade Office of the Polish Trade and Investment Agency: – Promotes all Polish industries on the Chilean market. – Introduces Polish companies to their potential Chilean partners and supports them in forming long-term business relationships. – Helps to attract foreign investors and accompanies them in their projects of establishing business in Poland. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT INDUSTRY Polish medical equipment is known and appreciated all over the world. The constant increase in the value of exports confirms their popularity among foreign customers. Good price-quality ratio, high durability and low operating costs make Polish products very competitive. The Polish medical equipment industry is distinguished, among other things, by: continuous product improvement, investment in research and development, industrial design, as well as a long tradition and very high quality at reasonable prices. The increase in recognition of Polish companies in the medical industry is also a result of promotional activities, carried out very effectively, including presence at the world’s most important trade fairs. There are about 300 entities producing medical equipment in Poland. Among them are large and small companies, as well as numerous promising start-ups. However, high-potential companies with more than 49 employees predominate. Many of them already have the status of global companies. Exports account for more than 60 % of the industry’s revenues. In 2019, the value of Polish medical equipment exports amounted to EUR 2,485 million. The most popular export products are rehabilitation, orthopedic and prosthetic equipment, along with medical and veterinary instruments. About 54% of the value of Polish exports of medical equipment goes to EU countries, with Germany being the main recipient.

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