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Chile’s post Covid experience and the country’s health challenges marked the first day of Expo Salud 2022

For three days, Expo Hospital presents the main solutions to face today’s medical problems, giving way to the development of health at national and international level.

Publicada: Tuesday 6 de September del 2022
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For three days, Expo Salud presents the main solutions to face today’s medical problems, giving way to the development of health at national and international level. September 06, 2022-Today began at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center, the most important meeting of the health sector in Chile, Expo Salud 2022, a space designed for commercial exchange, the introduction of new technologies, and the debate on the advances and challenges that today are presented in medicine at a global level. In its 10th version, which will be held from Tuesday September 6th to Thursday September 8th, the fair presents more than 350 brands from 7 countries, offering a commercial and strategic exhibition space with the latest trends and technological solutions in the industry for more than 5 thousand professionals and executives from the private, academic and public health sectors. In addition, Expo Salud features the latest in specialized services and products for patient care, responding to the main problems faced by the healthcare sector, which has witnessed great challenges in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. The executive director of CENS and academic director of the International Health Meeting in Chile (EISACH), May Chomali, emphasized that “it is really impressive what we have available in our country in terms of technological advances. All that remains is to make the decision as to how we incorporate these technologies for the benefit of patients. We were looking at the Salvador Hospital project, which is new, public, with more than a thousand beds. The question is, how can we incorporate this technology present at the fair, for the benefit of the people”. In this respect, the general manager of Fisa, Francisco Sotomayor, emphasized that the development of this exhibition “seeks to contribute to the reactivation of the economy and the development of the country, through the generation of opportunities and the creation of direct and indirect jobs that are produced around the fair. In this line, those who exhibited in the last version of Expo Salud even declared to have made sales and business deals for 35 MUSD in the days of the exhibition”. He also indicated that “today we are happy to live in a new post-pandemic normality, which undoubtedly means that this version of Expo Salud and EISACH is one of the most important, especially in times in which all citizens have become more aware than ever of the importance of health”. ANALYSIS OF CONFLICTS AND SOLUTIONS Expo Salud, through its International Health Meeting in Chile (EISACH), began today the analysis of the main questions, complexities and solutions of the health ecosystem, opening a debate and analysis of various problems experienced by the sector. Faced with the experience that the country has lived through the Covid-19, the dialogue scenario began today with the inoculation process in the country in a rich space for discussion, where Chilean and international experts addressed the experience of the population and prevention education that was implemented in Chile, achieving a change in the daily life of people, showing concern for the monitoring of health measures and vaccination. They also presented the main advances of the project to create the country’s first center for vaccines and biological products in Carén Park, through the promotion of research in biotechnology, an initiative that will offer tools and train human capital to face the country’s challenges. NEWS Among the novelties are chemical and nanotechnology research, antibacterial infrastructure, medical sensors for remote monitoring in real time, artificial intelligence tools, digital x-ray equipment, fetal monitors, rescue and emergency equipment, among others. Faced with the automation and search for remote health, within the hospital offer will be able to find advances in telemedicine and digital health, solutions that optimize and generate healthy, viable and efficient environments for remote health service providers. Press contact: Cristián Larraín [email protected] +569 5208 7993

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