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Colegio de Enfermeras to participate in the 2023 version of ExpoHospital

On September 12, 13 and 14, 2023 at Metropolitan Santiago Convention & Event Center – Chile, the Colegio de Enfermeras de Chile A.G. will be part of Expo Hospital (stand 111), the most important health, innovation and technology meeting in the country.

Publicada: Monday 4 de September del 2023
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As it has done in previous editions of the exhibition, the Professional Association will take part in the event to promote its work in defense of nurses throughout the country, as well as its history of struggles and demands, which this year celebrated its 70th anniversary. “As the Chilean Nurses Association we are very happy to be part of the 2023 version of Expo Salud. Undoubtedly, it is a very important occasion for our College, since it is an instance in which we can show part of our role, from the defense of associates and associates as managers of care, as well as our participation in different areas, such as support for research, teaching, and advocacy in the construction of public policies in health. We invite all visitors to this expo to visit our stand, as well as registered and non-registered nurses, as they will be able to formalize their registration there”, commented Andrea Rastello Pizarro, National President of the order. Chilean College of Nurses The College of Nurses of Chile A.G. was created as a public law organization on February 20, 1953, under Law No. 11.1613 and was born thanks to the work and impulse of the Association of University Nurses (a group formed in 1938). The Organic Regulations of the College were approved on August 19, 1954, providing the forms of operation and responsibilities of the various instances and management positions, thus obtaining legal personality and compulsory membership to practice the nursing profession (art. No. 2), this until 1981 when by Decree Law No. 2,757, freedom of association for trade associations is established. At the same time, in 1954, the first edition of the magazine Enfermería, official publication of the College, was published. It is the oldest publication of nursing professionals in Latin America and has been published regularly up to the present. In 1981 it was allowed to call for free and informed elections, thus giving way to its democratization. In this context, it assumed the leadership of the Santiago Regional Council. In the mid-1980s, during the military regime, the College was transformed into a private law organization, losing the ethical tuition of the associates. In addition, an attempt was made to eliminate the training of nurses at the university and that the career would only be taught in institutes of higher education. This situation was rejected by the organization, which led to active mobilizations on the part of the country’s nurses. Thanks to the political action of the College of Nurses before the Government, this proposal was prevented from materializing. The College of Nurses has been an active participant in the recognition of the social role of the nurse, which materialized in 1997 with its incorporation into the Health Code.

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